Features of the Website

This is the Home page of the RBR website for the Healthcare Professional.
It has been designed to make the RBR come alive.
It includes many features:

  1. Features of this web portal

  2. News items
    The News section includes current developments in the RBR, website, or related initiatives.

    • RBR Guides I to V and RBR Resources Pages 1 to 4 : National and Ontario versions in English and French
    • WHO Growth Charts for Canada: includes BMI tables and calculator

  4. Interactive RBR
    The Interactive RBR provides the evidence and resources for the items in the RBR.
    Clicking on any item with blue shading reveals:
    • Evidence summary: Summary of current evidence on this item as outlined in RBR Resource Pages 1 – 4 along with supporting guidelines.
    • Parent resources: web links to reliable resources on this item.
  5. Evidence summary from RBR Resources pages 1 – 4
    This includes the summary of current evidence found on RBR Resources Pages 1 to 4. One can link to supporting guidelines and reliable parent resources organized by topic.

  6. Parent Resources
    Resources for Parents on the RBR Healthcare Professional website include:
    • RBR Parent information sheets for ages: 1 – 2 wks, 1 mo, 2 mo, 4 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 2 – 3 yrs, 4 – 5 yrs.
    • Links to reliable resources organized by age and by topic, including a search function.
  7. Literature review for the RBR
    • Current literature has been scanned and critically appraised and annotated for levels of evidence using the former classification of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care and the GRADE system where possible.
    • Strength of recommendation for the RBR items is: Good, Fair, or Inconclusive/Consensus. The font of each item in the RBR Guides reflects its strength of recommendation. This information is available by hyperlinking to individual topics, or by downloading the entire document as a PDF.
  8. Other Initiatives
    Links to other initiatives are highlighted, such as official modifications of the RBR for unique populations, and other initiatives for care of infants and children.

  9. Revisions from earlier editions of the RBR
    • The revisions in the most recent edition of the RBR are itemized.
    • One can also view and download a version of the RBR with the content changes from the prior edition shown in teal print.