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Parents often wonder about their child’s health, growth and development, leading to the question: "Is my child healthy and growing and developing normally?"

The RBR Parent Resources Website is a place where you can find parent-friendly resources to help answer your questions about your child.

We try to keep these links up to date, but websites are constantly being restructured, so if a link is broken, go to the home page of the source (e.g. The Canadian Paediatric Society - Caring for Kids; Hospital for Sick Children - About Kids Health; Safe Kids Canada; Dietitians of Canada; Health Canada) and search within that website.

New for 2016: Rourke Baby Record Well Baby Information Sheets are now available in both English and French to answer your questions on feeding, safety, development, vaccination, and other common issues for babies at specific ages.

1-2 Weeks | 1 Months | 2 Months | 4 Months (updated 2015)
6 Months (updated 2015) | 12 Months | 18 Months | 2-3 Years | 4-5 Years

1-2 Weeks | 1 Months | 2 Months | 4 Months
6 Months | 12 Months | 18 Months | 2-3 Years | 4-5 Years

For a specific issue: You can browse “By Topic” or “By Age” of your child, using the links on the sides of this page, or you can “Search” for a topic (see above). These will bring you to reliable resources about normal child growth and development, along with information on common health topics such as feeding, injury prevention, vaccinations, and some common illnesses.

The RBR Parent Resources Website has been created by the Rourke Baby Record. The Rourke Baby Record (or RBR for short) is a system that many Canadian doctors and other healthcare professionals use for well-baby and well-child visits for infants and children from 1 week to 5 years of age. It includes forms (Guides I to IV) for charting the well-baby visits.

If you are curious about the RBR, you can see a PDF copy here.

You can also enter the Health Professional RBR website which is designed for the doctor or other healthcare professional that cares for your child.

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Support and Acknowledgements

The RBR Parent Resources website and information sheets have been created by Laura Butler, BSc, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) Medicine Class of 2014, and the RBR authors (Drs. L. Rourke, D. Leduc and J. Rourke). Two MUN Summer Undergraduate Research Awards, and MUN Professional Development and Conferencing Services have supported these projects. Evaluation project by Dr. Aimee Holla, MUN FM Resident.

Support for the RBR includes the Province of Ontario through the Offord Centre at McMaster University, and MUN's Dr W. Ingram Award. Licensing fees for electronic medical record use of the RBR go to the MUN RBR Development Fund.

As evidence is constantly changing, the Rourke Baby Record and this information should be used as a guide only.