This annotated bibliography lists the literature which has been used to document the recommendations for selected items on the 2017 Rourke Baby Record (RBR). The references included in this review table are not exhaustive, and were selected by the authors for their relevance in supporting the 2017 RBR recommendations.

For our critical appraisal of the literature, prior to the 2014 RBR we used the former system of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (CTFPHC) to determine the quality of the evidence in each publication reviewed (Table 1). We continued to use this system for the 2014 RBR, but also began transitioning to the new GRADE system, now endorsed by the CTFPHC (Table 2). For the 2017 RBR, only the GRADE system was used. Both former CTFPHC and GRADE systems are described below.

Based on this grading guide, we then used the quality of the evidence to determine the strength of each RBR item recommendation, using the longstanding and clinician-friendly scheme of Good, Fair, and Inconclusive evidence/Consensus.

We thank and congratulate Dr. Patricia Li (MD, MSc, FRCPC, FAAP), Assistant Professor of Paediatrics McGill University, and her team - Karen Rezk (RN, BScN, MScA), Stephani Arulthas (BSc, MPH) and Alexandra Dionisopoulos (MD, BSc) - for their exemplary work on this huge task.

Drs. Leslie Rourke, Denis Leduc, James Rourke

Co-authors of the Rourke Baby Record


  1. Well-child visit schedule
  2. Growth
    1. Growth Monitoring
  3. Nutrition
    1. Nutrition (General)
    2. Breastfeeding
      1. Breastfeeding (General)
      2. Breastfeeding and SIDS
      3. Breastfeeding and Pacifiers
      4. Breastfeeding and Maternal Medications Resources
      5. Weaning of Breastfeeding
      6. Ankyloglossia (tongue-tie) and Breastfeeding
    3. Vitamin D Supplementation
    4. Formula Feeding
      1. Infant Formula
      2. Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (LCPUFA) Supplementation of Infant Formula
      3. Soy-Based Formula
    5. Introduction Of Solid Foods
    6. Nutrition Concerns
      1. Nutritional Interventions For Colic
      2. Probiotics
      3. Reducing Bottle Use In Toddlers
      4. Avoid Juices/ Sweetened Liquids
      5. Vegetarian Diets
      6. Fish Consumption
  4. Education And Advice
    1. Injury Prevention
      1. Injury Prevention Resources
      2. Injury Prevention (General)
      3. Motorized Vehicle Safety
      4. Bicycle Helmets
      5. Bath and Water Safety
      6. Choking
      7. Counsel On Pacifier Use
      8. Smoke Detectors / Burns Injuries
      9. Poisons: PCC# (Poison Control Centre number)
      10. Falls (Stairs, Furniture, Walkers, Charge Table, Trampoline Use)
      11. Safe Sleep Environment
      12. Positional Plagiocephaly
      13. Crib Safety
      14. Swaddling
      15. Firearm Safety/Removal/Storage
    2. Behaviour and Family Issues
      1. Behaviour and Family IssuesCrying/Colic
      2. Healthy Sleep Habits
      3. Night Waking
      4. Discipline/Parenting Education Programs/Parenting Skills
      5. Family Healthy Active Living/Sedentary Behaviour/Screen Time
      6. High Risk Infants/Children/Parents/Caregivers/Families
        1. Maternal Depression
        2. Ethanol in Pregnancy/FASD
        3. Adoption/Foster Care
        4. Immigrants/Refugees
        5. Aboriginal Children
        6. Social Determinants of Health
        7. Prevention of Child Maltreatment and General
      7. Non Parental Child Care
      8. Literacy/Encourage Reading
      9. Toilet Learning
    3. Environmental Health Issues
      1. General Environmental Health Issues
      2. Second-Hand Smoke Exposure 
      3. Sun Exposure/Sunscreen/Insect Repellents
      4. Pesticide Use 
      5. Lead
      6. Heavy Metals
      7. Radon 
      8. Other Environmental Health Issues
        1. Home
        2. Home Product Safety
        3. Outdoor Air
        4. Indoor Air
    4. Other Issues
      1. Over-The-Counter (OTC) Cough/Cold Medication
      2. Inquiry On Complementary/Alternative Medicine
      3. Fever Advice/Thermometers
      4. Footwear
      5. Oral Health/Dental Care
  5. Developmental Milestone Acquisition
    1. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  6. Physical Examination 
    1. Vision Screening
    2. Hearing Inquiry/Screening
    3. Screening for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips
    4. Sleep Disordered Breathing/Snoring/Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    5. Patency of Anus
    6. Blood Pressure
    7. Jaundice
    8. Genitalia
    9. Neck/Torticollis
  7. Investigations
    1. Anemia Screening
    2. Hemoglobinopathy Screening
    3. Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS)
  8. Immunization
    1. Immunization (General)
    2. Immunization Pain Reduction
    3. Evidence Against Relationship ASD and Vaccines
    4. Meningococcal Vaccine Schedule
    5. Rotavirus Vaccine
    6. Varicella Vaccine Schedule
    7. Other Resources For Information On Immunization
  9. Levels and Grades of Evidence